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Four Seasons


From our hillside perch overlooking the Pacific Ocean, our expansive Costa Rican resort offers privacy while being your launching pad into boundless adventures. After a day of zip lining, surfing or hiking a volcano, return to our tropical retreat for farm- and -sea-to-table dining, refreshing swims in our four swimming pools or relaxing spa treatments. With customized itineraries for families and couples alike, we can’t wait for you to experience “pura vida” at Peninsula Papagayo.




Airbnb was born in 2007 when two Hosts welcomed three guests to their San Francisco home, and has since grown to 4 million Hosts who have welcomed more than 900 million guest arrivals in almost every country across the globe. Every day, Hosts offer one-of-a-kind stays and unique Experiences that make it possible for guests to experience the world in a more authentic, connected way.




When selecting an air conditioner for your home, you have an array of choices.

We have the information you need to research your options, whatever your budget or your needs

from a single air conditioner to an entire Carrier system. Our lineup of central air conditioners allows you to

choose the best solution to meet your needs. After all, we’ve been focused on cooling indoor spaces since our

founder Willis Carrier, invented the first modern air conditioner system in 1902


Gastro Portal

Food & Beverage

Gastro Portal is a Hospitality company located in Europe. Our projects go beyond traditional Hospitality, embracing the LifeStyle concept in each of our businesses. In El Portal Taberna & Wines you can find a new generation Gastronomic Tavern concept where you can enjoy, in an informal and relaxed atmosphere, honest, creative and quality cuisine, as well as a wide selection of national and international wines. In 2016 we were distinguished as "Krug Embassy" by the French champagne house Krug.




Cinelatino is a Spanish-language movie channel based in Mexico and is owned by MVS Comunicaciones & Hemisphere Media Group (83.8% owned by InterMedia Partners). It is available throughout Latin America as well as the United States and Canada, via cable, satellite and IPTV services. Cinelatino airs Hispanic films, featuring blockbuster hits and critically acclaimed movies from Mexico, Latin America and Spain. All movies are presented in their original format and without any commercial interruptions.[1] It also features behind the scenes footage, interviews with film stars, exclusive coverage of Spanish film festivals and all the latest news from the Hispanic film industry.




Here’s to a life well driven. A life where we just don’t get from point A to point B, we get there in style and grace and turn a few heads along the way. The open road is for everyone, but we believe in cars that open the road to us. That, fills us with one of a kind experiences, in cars we can drive to the end of the world without caring for a destination, because living behind the wheel is our destination.


Boss Revolution


BOSS Revolution International Mobile Top Up is a service that allows you to recharge the mobile phones of your loved ones abroad. Topping up a mobile phone is easy — all you need to know is your recipient's mobile service provider ("carrier") and mobile phone number.




Sling lets you stream on-demand movies, live tv shows, and live sports instantly on your favorite devices. Watch TV online anytime, anywhere. Choose the channel package that fits your tastes. Streaming TV services like Sling save you money by offering channel bundles that let you customize your service so you're not paying for dozens of channels that you'll never watch. 



Fast Food

Dish to eat before you die: The two-inch-thick stuffed pizza comes loaded with two types of mozzarella cheese and a choice of fillings — from Italian sausage, pepperoni, Canadian bacon and ground beef to spinach, broccoli, bell peppers and onions — all of which is topped with a paper-thin layer of crust and ladled with a thick, tomato-based sauce. The outer crust that forms the pie shell is accented with bits of cilantro, parsley, pepper and garlic. "It's different from most pizzas in the sense that it's a true pizza pie," Vizcaino says. "It's loaded with cheese and toppings and it's baked for a long time, just like a pie." A 10-inch pie is more than enough to feed two hungry diners.